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The School of Engineering held a panel of experts entitled ''Using technology for the exponential growth of international companies''

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The School of Engineering held an expert panel entitled ''Using Technology for the Exponential Growth of International Companies'' to announce and promote the opening of the bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management.

Under the framework of the information age and exponential improvements in technology, the School of Engineering held the meeting with the participation of experts in the field of engineering, among them: Huibert Aalbers, ATL Leader, and University Relations Manager of IBM Mexico, Arturo López Pineda, Founder and CEO of Amphora Health, and Enrique Machaen Lanz, former president of Owens Illinois Venezuela; in addition to publicizing the innovative degree, it also seeks to provide a space in which future students and graduates of the engineering area interact and learn with experts in this field.

The event started with the presentation of panelists, highlighting the international career of Mr. Aalbers, his experience in technology companies, and his projects in data analysis and blockchain, among others. Also mentioned was the academic background of PhD. Arturo Pineda, who studied at Stanford University, and his professional achievements as CEO of his startup. Finally, Enrique Machaen Lanz was presented as the moderator. He was chosen for this purpose since he is a professor in the Industrial Engineering program and has an impressive resume being a top executive of a multinational organization.

Subsequently, we learned about the goals and accomplishments of IBM and Amphora Health which gave us an interesting comparison of how the advances and discoveries of large and small companies impact innovation in Mexico.

The speaker, Huibert Aalbers, shared his opinion on the business landscape in globalization, noting that modern technologies such as machine learning, data analytics, and collaboration between industries and business models generate big opportunities in all areas of business. He also added that when it comes to hiring, his company looks for candidates with initiative and problem-solving skills.

PhD. Pineda shared the processes used in his company to understand the technology and its connection with healthcare, giving examples of meetings and research that his team conducts to achieve constant exponential growth in his company.

There was also a Q&A session between the speakers and the attendees. They discussed the continuous improvement of university engineering programs, how to prepare for the difficulties faced by startups, and the development of innovative ideas considering technological trends.

At the end of the event, Mr. Ramón Bejarano, Director of the School of Engineering, emphasized how the new degree in Engineering Management is focused on delivering top quality professionals matching the needs of leading companies like IBM or Amphora Health. Management Engineers, with its entrepreneurship vision will become the leaders of innovative enterprises that will guarantee economic growth and the sustainable development of society.

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