The International Office at Anahuac Cancun University Welcomes International Erasmus Plus Exchange Professors and Higher Education Agencies

The International Office welcomed international teachers on Erasmus Plus exchange programs and global higher education agency representatives

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During the first semester of the year, the International Office welcomed international teachers on Erasmus Plus exchange programs and global higher education agency representatives from around the globe, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, and El Salvador.


In a milestone moment for Anáhuac Cancun University, Dr. Dominik Krężołek Ph.D. In Economics from the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland has arrived as the university's first Erasmus Plus exchange teacher from abroad. He authorizes several research articles, including "Risk Management on the Metals Market," "Econometrics. Ekonometria. Advances in Applied Data Analysis," and "Testing Day of the Week Effect on Precious Metals Market, Dynamic Econometric Models."


Dr. Dominik's visit was important for Anáhuac's University team and students as it opened the way to future student and staff exchanges with the University of Economics in Katowice.

During his stay at Anáhuac Cancun University, Dr. Dominik said, "...Anáhuac University is a great place to study". (To watch the whole interview, click here).


In addition, we received a visit from Ramón Blanco Barrera, Teacher and Researcher in Training at the Department of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville.

During his visit to Anáhuac Cancun University, he carried out workshops on "Another artistic look through multimedia and music," "Horizontal leadership through art by and for people," "Drawing expanded in thought and emotion" and "Artistic-social photography," contributing knowledge on methodological innovation and university research, and held a solo exhibition entitled "The Divoc Family" in the dome gallery area, curated by Ximena Ávila Ochoa, Head of the International School of Arts.


Professor Ramon told us, "I encourage everybody not to lose the opportunity to visit this international, amazing, and incredible campus in Cancun."


We also welcomed Professor Petra Roupcova from the Faculty of Safety Engineering of the Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, specializing in fire protection, occupational and process safety, civil protection, and security services. 


Mario Muñoz, an Engineering student from Panama, took the professor on a guided tour through the facilities and laboratories of the International School of Engineering, discussing innovative projects and new revolutionary technologies in the field.


Marcos Torres, a representative of CESPU Portugal, arrived from Europe at the international office to discuss developing a Global Health project to achieve an international exchange program and double degree for the undergraduate degree in Medicine


Anáhuac Cancun University looks forward to receiving students from Portugal through these projects, and our students will have the opportunity to carry out clinical rotations in Porto, Portugal, and develop research projects in Tropical Medicine in Angola. 


In other news, we welcomed Professor Lucio César Mercado, Director of Institutional Relationships and Business Development, who presented NYFA's mission to bring joy and education to film students through active participation and emphasized teaching entertainment business to train students to learn to live off what they do.


NYFA has a vast international network expanding from New York, Los Angeles, and Miami to across the globe in Florence, Paris, Beijing, Moskow, Mumbai, and the Australian Gold Coast, and their students have participated in a variety of prestigious productions, including Star Wars, Avengers, and Sicarios amongst many others.


From within Latin America, we were visited by Orlando Hernández and Patricia Sarria from the Colombian civil entity and study abroad agency Fundación Norte Sur, based in Cali. 


The agency was founded in 1990, and its mission is to carry out social development, promote human rights, and capacitate less fortunate members of society with education with an international vision. We discussed our shared goals of providing a diverse education at a global level and our ambitions to create proactive international leaders.


Additionally, we welcomed the Director of Agencia VISTTA, Melissa Harrison, from El Salvador. VISTTA has a vast network offering marketing courses in Germany, partners in the United States who carry out Au Pair student exchange programs, partners in England and Ireland who provide English Language courses, and now with summer school courses at Anáhuac Cancun. It's a great honor for Anáhuac Cancun University to collaborate with Agencia VISTTA in student exchange mobility from El Salvador and other countries.


Finally, visiting link tutors representing the Coventry Dual Degree from Anáhuac Queretaro, Mayab, Mexico City & Puebla arrived at Anáhuac Cancun University, where The Coventry Dual Degree Strategy Meeting took place. 


Dr Dominik Photo Negocios

Dual Degree Coordinators came together with selected course lecturers to set goals of streamlining current operations, planning for the 2023 & 2024 academic year, designing the student journey, and updating content and teaching focuses, amongst other priorities.


With these visits, Anáhuac Cancun University builds on its internationalization strategy as teachers and students will be able to receive an education of the highest quality and be part of a global network.


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