Creativity in the use of the iPad by students at the Anáhuac Cancun University

For students of the International School of Architecture the use of digital tools has become a constant in their training at the highest level

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For students of the International School of Architecture at Anáhuac Cancun University, the use of digital tools has become a constant in their training at the highest level; an example of this is the use of the iPad, which is currently an essential tool for their professional training, and represents a range of possibilities to exploit their creativity and enhance their learning, thanks to its applications and latest generation tools and accessories such as the Apple Pencil.

Raymundo Magos Hernandez, Director of the International School of Architecture; the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture work with the iPad and the Apple Pencil to carry out digital projects; "everything started with the Advanced Sketches class, where these tools are used, and the results were fascinating because the students who are less skilled with drawing on paper were able to take their ideas and three-dimensional proposals to a great level with these tools. The iPad and the Apple Pencil have become indispensable tools to provide equal access to all International School of Architecture students," said the Director.

Seeing these results, we decided to establish contact with the iPad creators and show them the use we make of their drawing tools for the creation of architectural sketches in what we call the "Archipad" academic project of the International School of Architecture, where we developed the methodology to use both the iPad and the Apple Pencil.

The Archipad is a concept of how to draw in 2d and 3d but now digitally, with drawing applications, which are applied for architecture students to present their projects more fluidly.

iPad brings versatility, power, and portability for a better experience, which puts a world of possibilities in the hands of university students to type, write, draw, record, create and transmit content.

Students at Anáhuac Cancun University carry out their architectural projects entirely on the iPad, which offers them incredible portability and the use of applications such as SketchBook, Voxel Max, Morpholio Trace, Sketch Up, Procreate, and FormIt. In addition, they have Augmented Reality visualizations, so they can get a very realistic idea of how the projects will look when generating models from anywhere. Undoubtedly, learning how to use the iPad and the Apple Pencil gives the students of the International School of Architecture of the Anáhuac Cancun University an advantage in the current job market.

Tomasz Bogdanski, Academic Vice-Rector of the UAC, expressed, "the University uses these types of tools so that its students are more and so they can give more of themselves to help people and society, to achieve a better future, therein lies the heart of the Anáhuac Cancun University and its International School of Architecture."

Tools like iPad contribute to creating positive action leaders trained to impact society positively.

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