Anáhuac Cancun University inaugurates a Ph.D. program in Strategic Leadership and Innovation

With the intention of training leaders in strategic leadership and innovation, Anáhuac Cancun University, began last January 9, with the first generation.

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With the intention of training leaders and research references in strategic leadership and innovation, the Anáhuac Cancun University, through the International School of Leadership Anáhuac (ISLA), began last January 9, with the first generation of the Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership and Innovation, an educational program that had, on this first day of classes, a presentation ceremony at the facilities of the international campus.

The educational authorities of the University that attended were: Tomasz Bogdanski, Academic Vice-Rector; Antonio Aldrette Elizondo, Director of the International School of Leadership Anáhuac; Eugenia Sansores Serralta, Director of Graduate Marketing and University Extension; as well as administrative staff and students who will study this postgraduate program.

Tomasz Bogdanski addressed a few words to the students present: "I ask for a lot of commitment on your part; what you start today, you must be to finished, there will be many excuses and difficulties too, but the one who starts must finish."

He also mentioned that this is a historic step for our University since it is the culmination of a unique project designed from the beginning to contribute to fulfilling its mission to train leaders of positive action. This Ph. D. is the maximum academic expression of the depth of leadership, it is the result of the efforts of academics and administrators, and it will soon flourish as the goal of a faculty in leadership.

Antonio Aldrette, Director of the Anáhuac International Leadership School, mentioned that this Ph. D. program aims to train competent professionals in research and the exercise of leadership with a systemic vision that contributes to the world through ethical, agile, and appropriate decisions.

The students can enhance their research, innovative, socially responsible, and strategic capacity with this program's tools.

Experts from 3 countries, Chile, Spain and Mexico, designed this international program. International professors and students will coexist in the classrooms. Of the 14 students in this doctorate, 4 are foreigners from countries such as Chile, Argentina and Spain.

This postgraduate program also has the support of a network of academic researchers from the Anáhuac University Network and the International Network of Universities of Regnum Christi, which makes it unique as a doctoral research program, one hundred percent dedicated to leadership, strategy and research, entirely in Spanish.

Students will develop four well-defined lines of research: 

  • Positive action leadership.

  • Measurement and validation of leadership.

  • Relationship between leadership and strategy.

  • Leadership education.

Anáhuac Cancun University continues with firm steps, not only in the internationalization of its campus but also as a leadership reference, at the highest level, in Latin America and the Caribbean, allowing its students the maximum development of their capabilities, making them protagonists of a globalized world and above all positive action leaders destined to impact society positively.

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