Posted by Anáhuac Cancun University on May 6, 2022 9:23:31 AM

The Master's Degree in Communication and Marketing starts on-site classes

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The Master's Degree in Communication and Marketing aims to train highly specialized professionals with solid theoretical and proactive knowledge, to assume the development of their activity as entrepreneurs, creative consultants, and directors, trained with analytical skills, methodological vision, understanding of the reality of business and interaction with the different functional areas of the company, particularly in the areas of strategic communication, business, and marketing.

After more than a year and a half of starting the program in distance mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students of the first generation of the Master's Degree in Communication and Marketing of the International School of Communication and Entertainment began on-site classes at the campus of the Anáhuac Cancun University.

The students started Module XVI, called "Ethics Applied to Communication." The professor is María Fernanda Méndez Flórez, who has a Master's Degree in Business Management and Administration with more than ten years of experience in the social media responsibility sector.

Among the subjects that comprise the program are:

  1. Brand auditing and evaluation.
  2. Distribution and retail channels.
  3. Development of transmedia projects.
  4. Advertising communication and sponsorship strategies.
  5. Pricing and promotion strategies.
  6. Analytical skills and data mining.
  7. Innovation and creativity for strategic planning.
  8. Strategic market intelligence.
  9. Digital marketing.
  10. Global marketing.
  11. Integrated marketing and brand building.
  12. Neuromarketing.
  13. Seminar on project development and entrepreneurship.
  14. Workshop on project management and evaluation.
  15. Seminar on strategic research applied to project design.
  16. Social and sustainable marketing.
  17. Marketing ethics.

With these programs, Anáhuac Cancun University seeks to train its graduates as professionals with the skills demanded by companies with more excellent value in marketing, communication, media, new technologies, and creativity.


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