Revalidation: Validating courses from universities outside the Anáhuac University Network


Validation Requirements



1.- Be admitted to the International University of Cancun.

Submit your admission application and receive acceptance results.


2.- Send the proper documents to your degree program.


At the university where you have studied, you will need to request the following documents:

  • Academic record with grades (list of subjects you have completed and the grade you obtained in each one).
  • Thematic content of each accredited subject (breakdown of topics and subtopics studied in each subject).
  • Official certificate of partial study.

* You can request these documents at the Student Services area of your current educational institution.

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3. - Sign the revalidation certificate

The Coordinator of your degree program will assess the documentation provided to determine which courses will be validated.

  • Only courses with a passing grade above 8.0 will be considered for validation.
  • The maximum number of courses that can be validated is 40% of the current curriculum.

The cost for the revalidation process is $2,370.00 MXN.


4. - Pay the registration fee


Pay the registration fee at the University cash desk using a credit/debit card or check.


5. Submit official documentation

  • Birth certificate - original copy.
  • Middle school certificate - original copy.
  • High school diploma - original copy.
  • Six black and white studio photographs (ID-sized).